wants to become an extension of your Company's purchasing department. Our mission is to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship, be transparent, and work together to achieve the same goal.

Components sourced by STARBOARD EXHANGE, INC. will undergo an advaned visual inspection process. In the rare case that a discrepancy is found during the inspection process the material in question will be sent to a third party testing facility.

STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC. ensures that all components meet the conforming manufacturers specifications. Certificates of Conformance are available upon request. In the event that an outsourced Professional third party is required, or requested, to test the material STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC. will employ an electronic engineer to conduct a visual inspection and authenticity verification of parts in question. The inspection procedure typically include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Manufacturer PN, date code verification, RoHS compliance (if applicable).
  • Confirmation that electronic components match manufacturer product spec sheet.
  • Physical condition inspection (check for bent leads, chipped edges, scratches, etc.)
  • Chip mask inspection (faded marking, double print, broken text, font inspection, etc.)
  • Resistance to solvents testing
  • Inspection of moisture barrier protection bag, desiccants, and humidity indicator cards.
  • Packaging examined, shipping documents verified.

STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC. has established relationships with test facilities that meet Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Medical, and Military compliance standards. These facilities have current certifications and accreditation required to service the aforementioned industries and applications. An example of common testing practices:

  • X-Ray
  • Decapsulation
  • Solderability
  • Functional and Diagnostic Stress test

If STARBOARD EXHANGE, INC. or a third party partner, discovers any visual, physical, or electronic irregularity, we will escalate you (the customer) to for approval or in a rare case replacement.