wants to become an extension of your Company's purchasing department. Our mission is to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship, be transparent, and work together to achieve the same goal.

Let’s be honest - many parts are hard to come by. You are stuck and need a part that your “broker partner” cannot supply.

STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC has developed an exclusive niche in todays market that our competition cannot duplicate: lead time purchasing power. With this competitive advantage we are able to become your preferred channel of supply for board level components at a discounted price.

STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC has partnered with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Contract Manufacturers (CM), and franchised distributors. With exclusive channels for procurement of product we can supply you with the part you need, reduce your expenditure, and most importantly, deliver in a timely manner.

STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC is a company that understands the importance of time. In order for us to not waste yours we will not entertain any lead time requirement that does not include the real cost of components. The reason being we need to deliver cost savings to win your business. Our goal is to build a long lasting business relationship. Once given the opportunity you will be confident in partnering with STARBOARD EXCHANGE, INC time and time again.  We are here to help, you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.